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Our Ministries

Calvary Baptist Church strives to build relationships with our ministry partners and community . It is our hope that as these relationships are developed, people will see God at work in their lives, but most of all, we work to win the lost to Christ. Calvary provides monthly financial support to Kingswood Home for Children, East Tennessee Food on Foot, and missionaries: Don Baybayon, Jay Brandon, Robert Becker, Elias Correas, Joshua Furan, Ty Pepperdine, Ethan Prater, Adam Ragsdale, Larry Seals, Kyle Shreve and Armstrong Sibbaluca.  We also operate a food pantry ministry. Please contact us for more information.

Youth Group

We recognize that the youth of the Church are the future of the Church. We are so proud of them and want to encourage them in their relationships with the Lord. Our Youth regularly host Youth Sundays and outings with fun fellowship and Bible study. 

Kingswood Home for Children 

Kingswood Home For Children is a private, residential home for ages 5-18 providing a safe, Christian home for children who need us most. Children who have been abandoned, abused, neglected, or displaced come to Kingswood and find shelter and safety and can begin putting back the pieces of their broken world.

East TN Food on Foot

TN Food on Foot was founded as a Christian-based nonprofit organization that began providing nutritious food bags to the hungry and homeless in the Lakeway area.

Harvin "Don"

Missionary to the Philippines & Southeast Asia.

For more information visit the Independent Baptist Mission for Asians website.

Jay Brandon

Ambassador to the Jewish people and worldwide.

Larry Seals

Gulf Coast Prison Ministries

Elias Correas

Serving with Wings Bearing Precious Seed (

Armstrong Sibbaluca


Rizal, Philippines

Ty& Rebecca




Robert & Emma Becker



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